Yes, That’s right. Producer Don Murphy confirmed the rumor, that once they found a studio, they will begin the Casting for the Vampire Academy movie, altough they’ve already found the perfect Lissa. Who happens to be Paris Hilton…




Don said, that Paris has a huge amount of fans and could be perfect for Lissa’s role. He contacted her and even though Paris haven’t read the series yet (who thought???), she said, she’s super excited to play a royal vampire princess and accepted the request.

Most of Richelle Mead’s fans are already started a petition on the VA OFFICIAL MOVIE’s Facebook page to take Ms. Hilton’s crown away.

Well, she’s certainly beautiful as Lissa, but seriously? Can she really act, I mean in real movies, not in her home videos…

So what do you guys think? Is she perfect for Lissa’s role? And what about her dog? Lissa will have a dog?


Comments on: "Paris for Lissa Dragomir. WTF??" (2)

  1. Oh no!!! Anyone but not her!!!!

  2. Jesus Christ!! NO FREAKIN’ WAY!!!!!! I won’t watch the movie if she’s gonna be in it!!

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