Do you want a Good Book??
Do you want to WIN a Good Book??

Thanks to Ellie
Your dream can come true IF…
Visit Her blog for the Details!

I can tell you, that You have to like these Facebook FanPages to enter the contest, because they have to reach their Goal and because to catch up on the News ’bout the contests!

So Here Are the Pages..:

The Mortal Instruments SeriesShe wants at least 1,000 fans for this one, we need 100 more to go in order for that “C” to happen! So go and recruit! Ok, so for this one, She will possibly be giving away random books from her collection (: Here’s the link:!/pages/The-Mortal-Instruments-Series/191011184260621

The Vampire Academy Series (DONE)She wants at least 4,000 fans for this fanpage, think you guys can do it? Go for it! Here’s the link for it:!/pages/The-Vampire-Academy-Series/160167835816

Team Dimitri (Vampire Academy) (DONE) – She wants at least 1,500 fans for this fanpage. Keep on posting those Dimitri pics as well! (: Here’s the link for this fanpage:!/pages/Team-Dimitri-Vampire-Academy/157703024273362 

Team Rose (Vampire Academy) (DONE)– Ok, this might be a little harder for you guys, but I want the big 1,000 fans for this fanpage, alright? So get on recruiting! Oh and keep on posting those Rose pics up, you guys are doing awesome! Here’s the link for this one:!/pages/Team-Rose-Vampire-Academy/147698545288171

Team Adrian (Vampire Academy) (DONE)–  She wants at least 500 fans for this fanpage, I know you can do it! (: Link:!/pages/Team-Adrian-Vampire-Academy/220312374663336 

Ok, now that’s JUST for Vampire Academy & The Mortal Instruments Series fans , now the rest are only one fanpage for House of Night,  The Vamp Diaries, and Pretty Little Liars. Since for Vampire Diaries and PLL, they’re mostly based around the show, She will probably do a giveaway on the books instead, since the dvds are expensive xD
So here it goes:

The Vampire Diaries (DONE)– She expect at least 7,000 fans, we are literally under 100 fans away, so not too hard right? Don’t forget, She will be giving away one of the Vamp Diaries books for this fanpage, not the DVD season, sorry! Link:!/pages/The-Vampire-Diaries/173758739209 

Pretty Little Liars
 (DONE) – She wants want at least 2,000 fans for this fanpage, not many people have been liking this fanpage, so if you haven’t seen the show or read the books, give it a shot! I guarantee you’ll love it! It is one of her favorite shows next to Vamp Diaries 😀 Don’t forget, this giveaway will be the books, not the DVD, mainly cause the DVD hasn’t been released yet xD Link:!/pages/Pretty-Little-Liars/115627201822822 

The House of Night Series (DONE) – She wants at least 3,700 fans for this fanpage! That’s at least 241 fans, if I did the calculations right xD Here’s the link to it:!/pages/The-House-Of-Night-Series/138174984860 

in order for a giveaway to happen, She MUST get those numbers for her fanpages!


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